What is Ticket Restaurant®?
  Ticket Restaurant® is a meal voucher solution developed as a very cost-effective alternative to canteens but with the same tax break specified in the Income Tax Act Notice. Regardless of profession, gender, position, or industry, it is equally available to all the employees, being an employee benefit with a usage rate of over 99%.

 In Japan, Ticket Restaurant® has more than 2,000 corporate clients implementation delivered in 5,400 locations, benefitting more than 150,000 employees. Our acceptance network includes more than 55,000 stores, such as restaurants and convenience stores.


How Does the Ticket Restaurant® Solution Work?

  What Are the Merits of Ticket Restaurant®?

  Ticket Restaurant® is a solution that allows Japanese companies to provide their Employees with a healthy lunch everyday.


Tax Benefit Description
  Ticket Restaurant® has been approved by the NTA to be a tax free employee benefit so our users can feel assured they are complying with the law while enjoying the tax break. 


  The tax break allows Ticket Restaurant® to provide employees with a higher acquisitive power compared to cash or other taxable benefits. 


Benefit for Any Kinds of Companies
  Depending on the situation of the company, Ticket Restaurant® is an employee benefit solution that can be adapted to different situations.



Your Employees Will Fully Benefit from Ticket Restaurant®

  There are several ways in which your employees can benefit if you become a client of Ticket Restaurant®!

User's Merits!

 What is the monthly limit to apply for the
 tax break? 
 The monthly employer's contribution is limited to JPY3,780 per employee,
 so as to receive the tax break.
 The employer contribution is also applicable for a credit of consumption tax.
 The total maximum employee cost per employee is 
JPY 3,500 for the benefit
 plus JPY280 for the consumption tax. The employee pays JPY 3,820, giving
 a total of JPY 7,600 per employee monthly.
 Can we give Ticket Restaurant® to
 contract workers and part timers?

 All employees including contract and part timers can participate in the system
   following the 
same rules. 

 Is there any cost benefit for the company
 to implement Ticket Restaurant®?
 When there is a salary increase in tax, both the company and the employee are

 subjects of different taxation such as income tax or social charges, whereas
 Ticket Restaurant® is free of those charges. Additionally, Ticket Restaurant® is
 also eligible for a consumption tax credit so this is another significant tax merit. 

 What if we do not have the meal
 allowance in our company?

 In recent years, more and more employees have acknowledged the importance of
 a meal 
support. Ticket Restaurant® is a very attaractive and cost-effective way to
 enrich your 
compensation scheme. 


About Us

Edendred SA

  Edenred, which invented the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher and is a world leader in corporate services, designs and delivers solutions that make employees’ lives easier and improve the efficiency of organizations. Edenred is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris stock exchange.

  Edenred operates in 42 countries including Japan, with almost 8,000 employees, 750,000 client companies and public sector clients, 1.4 million affiliated merchants and 43 million beneficiaries. In 2016, the total issue volume amounted to 20 billion euros.


Please visit www.edenred.com for more information.

  In Japan, through the subsidiary, Edenred Japan Co., Ltd., Edenred is a major employee benefit service provider, pioneer and market leader in the meal voucher industry.

Edenred Japan Co., Ltd.

  Edenred Japan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Edenred and provides meal voucher solutions for more than a decade in the Japanese market.

Key Figures:   Corporate Profile:
  Corporate Clients 2,000+     Company Name Edenred Japan Co., Ltd.
    Established January 5th, 1987
  Beneficiaries 150,000+     Solutions Ticket Restaurant® Touch
Ticket Restaurant® Shokujiken
Ticket Gift®
  Affiliated Stores 55,000+     Capital JPY 1 Billion (Capital Reserve Included)
    Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank

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